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Is the employee-based salon model still viable?

As we enter into the spring of 2022 the conversation I’m having with a lot of salons owners can be drilled down to one specific question.  “Is the employee-based salon model still viable?” This is something that everyone who owns a business in professional beauty has wondered about at some point in the last few […]

Surveying your Salon Team

Surveying your team should be an annual activity that gives you fresh insight and inspiration into the story you have to tell. Learn how to do it right.

Knowing Your Why as a Salon Leader

As the leader in the business, you need to get crystal clear on your why before you can begin to attract the right people. Your why is going to shape so many elements of your business

Looking At Your Full Recruiting Strategy

Finding salon talent is not as simple as it used to be. In the “old days,” we would post a job on Indeed or Facebook and wait for the right stylist to apply. Post and Pray is done for.  “I posted a job on Indeed and no one is applying” This point commonly frustrates the […]