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A Mindset Shift Around Hiring

We encourage you to look at old problems with a change in focus. Using a more human-centered approach can make it a win win for you and your employees.

Surveying your Salon Team

Surveying your team should be an annual activity that gives you fresh insight and inspiration into the story you have to tell. Learn how to do it right.

When should you hire staff for your salon?

Historically salons hire when one of two events occurs in their business.  We realize that we have no Saturday appointments available for weeks Someone quits If you found yourself experiencing one of these two things, you likely got to work pretty quickly posting a job ad or emailing your local school letting them know you […]

Looking At Your Full Recruiting Strategy

Finding salon talent is not as simple as it used to be. In the “old days,” we would post a job on Indeed or Facebook and wait for the right stylist to apply. Post and Pray is done for.  “I posted a job on Indeed and no one is applying” This point commonly frustrates the […]

How to Build Relationships With Salon Schools

If you ask anyone in the beauty industry who their first mentor is I guarantee you that over half of the people will name an instructor or advisor from their school program. This is the reason building relationships with the staff at your local beauty schools is ESSENTIAL to your recruiting success.